Digital Signage is a form of proximity communication that shows multimedia contents through electronic screens placed in points of sale, in open public spaces or inside buildings.

This technological solution allows to open a digital window to tell and share the business with the customer, no longer a passive recipient, but an active partner in the process of co-creation of value.

The customer is then placed at the center of corporate communication, evolving from a simple consumer to a consum-actor.



Talking and interactive advertising aimed at a targeted audience, where the Customer himself is directed towards the product, conveyed by multimedia contents that guide the decision to purchase. In the retail sector, through Digital Signage, sales can be increased by up to 25% for the categories of products promoted.

Automated queuing system

The centralized management of the flows of people simplifies the problems related to queues, with the consequent reduction in waiting times and improvement in the perception of the quality of the service offered.

Smart Energy

Energy is digitized according to an innovative model to present technical information to support the customer, just as the car’s on-board computer provides information on the status of the vehicle and the journey in progress. The digital approach makes the world of electricity consumption simple, clear and immediate, so far relegated to an “expert” context, making it understandable to everyone.


Advertising (basic kit)

  • Set-top box
  • Gateway.

Automated queuing system (add on)

  • Remote control for queue advancement.

Digital Energy (add on)

  • Electric consumption meter.


Systems management and multimedia content programming.

Examples of using Digital Signage
  • Promotional
    Present new products, loyalty discounts, sales, offers and promotions more effectively.
  • Informative
    Provide information on: public transport, weather, latest news, timeand schedule of an event, advancement of the queue at a counter.
  • Emphasize the Customer experience
    Illustrate the preparation of a gastronomic recipe or the production process of a craft or industrial product.
The A, B, C of Digital Signage
  • Attract: creating captivating content and declining it in an innovative way means make a change in business and identity, capturing the attention and significantly increasing the number of views and the return of investment.
  • Brand: extend the concept of traditional brand in key digital, combining multimedia content from different social and web sources into a single platform, increasing the visibility of the corporate message.
  • Contents: a good video is not enough to be the undisputed leader of the market, a creative cross-media effort is needed: Digital Signage is the optimal system to amplify your marketing activity, while making customers active and protagonists.
Energy and Digital Signage

Smart Energy provides a single integrated information access point for historical and real time data relating to: energy profile, supply prices, weather data, environmental impact, cost estimates associated with the energy component in the bill.

Energy information can be used for:

  • communicate the strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • valorize products and services able to generate a reduction in electricity consumption.
  • stimulate proactive virtuous behavior to reduce environmental impact (gr / CO2).

 Digital Signage