Research and Development company operating in the energy optimization field for the development of new business models in the commodities sector.


Analysis for energy costs reduction through research of the best market conditions for specific consumption needs.

Energy Treasury Management

Operational support in the energy supply financial and administrative management activities.

Software Development

Analysis, design and development of commissioned software, with particular interest in the areas of energy flexibility and energy efficiency.

Energy Profiling

Basic IT service for the identification of the hourly electric profile through data acquisition from smart meter.

Oratrios (R&D)

Advanced IT service for the identification and management of the characteristic energy profile through exclusive Profiling, Scheduling and Balancing algorithms.

Digital Signage

Technological solution for business communication that aggregate multimedia contents from various sources to make them usable on TV.

Agrifood Traceability (R&D)

Technological solution for the traceability of the entire life cycle of an agrifood product through sensors and digitization of knowledge bases specific for each sector.

Balancing Service Provider (R&D)

Technological solution to support the Balancing Service Provider for the valorisation of the availability of power in consumption and production.

NegaWh EXchange (R&D)

Balancing demand-response platform for an efficient, reasonably-priced and sustainable electricity market.


Mario Zanone Poma

Mario Zanone Poma

Partner, CFO, Business Angel

A research and start-up supporter, he has held prestigious roles in some of the most important Italian and multinational companies.

Roberto Quadrini

Roberto Quadrini


Expert of models for the optimization in the Energy, Environment and Agrifood sectors, it conveys the research results towards the registration of new intellectual properties.

Roberto Brivio

Roberto Brivio


IT platform designer, coordinates the technological transfer of intellectual properties and supervises development activities.


Tecnalogic is an Italian Research & Development company, among the first to enter the register of innovative startups in Monza Brianza. Focused mainly in the energy, environmental and agri-food sectors, it offers innovative IT solutions able to put producers and consumers in communication in order to optimize the management of the needs of both.

Tecnalogic makes knowledge available in the sectors of commodities integrating them with engineering and IT skills for the design and development of IT solutions.

Tecnalogic has launched since its foundation a research path for the modeling, patenting and technological transfer of innovative methodologies with the ultimate aim of supporting a conscious and informed transition to the new frontiers of the circular economy and sustainability.

The know how developed over the years has led to the definition and testing of methods for energy resources Profiling, Scheduling and Balancing.

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