• Energy efficiency means ensuring the same levels and quality of services, such as comfort and safety, consuming less resources, thus obtaining energy savings.
  • Tecnalogic is planning Oratrios for those contexts where you want to have greater control and the possibility to automate corrective actions.
  • Oratrios consists of a modular technological solution for profiling, scheduling and balancing energy consumption.


Electricity consumption mapping punctual and aggregated by load classes. Correlation between consumption and operational or environmental variables that determine it.


Dynamic load control in a centralized optimization logic.


Maintenance of overall consumption within pre-established thresholds through implementation of targeted programming on secondary loads.

  • Process energy efficiency (physical optimization)
  • Reduction of supply costs (economic optimization)
  • Minimization of financial risk related to the definition and allocation of the power budget
  • Support for the decision-making activity of the Energy Manager
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint.
Application areas


  • Hospitals
  • Office building
  • Shopping centers
  • Data Center
  • condominiums
  • Health care residence
  • Sport centers
  • Exhibition centers
  • Airports.


  • Shipyards
  • Lamination
  • Metallurgical transformation
  • Plastic molding.