The traditional approach to energy consumption management simply consists on the payment of the bill, that is the final recognition of the quantities consumed as part of a stable supply contract, based on pre-established and substantially standardized tariffs.

Today, thanks to the evolution of the energy markets and the development of new consumption profiling technologies, companies have the possibility to adopt a much more active approach, with potential advantages in the electricity and gas supply phase.

To fully exploit this opportunity, new consumption profiling technologies must be integrated with adequate energy market operations, both financially and administratively.

Areas of intervention
  • Strategic support
  • Definition of the energy budget
  • Energy purchase planning
  • Operational and administrative assistance.

Define a targeted strategy for energy purchase, activate a simple operational process that allows its implementation by complying the requirements with the minimum organizational impact.


Through the energy profiling, purchases planning is elaborated, counterparties are selected, best contractual solutions are identified.

A daily supervision take care of the execution and settlement of individual transactions, risk coverage and forward purchases.

Finally, the accounting documentation necessary for administrative compliance is drawn up, based on company procedures.


The combination of the knowledge provided by the technological systems with the operational and market expertise allows real savings in terms of energy supply costs (with the same consumption) in the order of 20-30%.

In this way, client companies have a simple, powerful and effective tool for optimally managing their energy purchases.

  • Operation setting
  • Strategic plan definition
  • Documentation preparation
  • Daily ordinary management
  • Periodic ordinary management.


  • Markets monitoring and strategic planning
  • Reduction of average costs for energy supply
  • Operational control on purchase plans
  • Low organizational impact.

Energy Treasury Management