Energy efficiency means maintaining the same quality levels of services by consuming less resources, thus obtaining energy savings.

Tecnalogic proposes the Energy Profiling solution as the first basic step, suitable for all contexts, to start a modular path of energy efficiency.

Energy Profiling consists of a technological solution for the hourly acquisition of consumption data, in order to identify a detailed energy profile.


The installation of an electric meter and a gateway that collects consumption data is required.

The acquired data are made available by the gateway for local web access through simple and intuitive graphical interfaces.

Optionally, electricity consumption can be viewed on TV via Digital Signage, a system for displaying personalized multimedia content, generally used for advertising purposes.


Savings – The knowledge of the electric profile makes aware of the impacts of normal operation on consumption, providing the necessary cues for simple measures to reduce inefficiencies with a consequent saving on energy costs.

Eco sustainability – The reduction of energy waste consequently decreases CO2 emissions, contributing to the respect of the environment for a sustainable future of the planet.

Application areas
  • Plants maintenance programming
  • Consumption forecast
  • Simulation of the results obtainable with energy efficiency measures
  • Energy audit
  • Plants quality certifications
  • Plants performance analysis
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Supply accounting verification
  • Environmental certifications
  • Tax exemptions.
Community regulatory framework

Member States of the European Union are required to set national energy saving targets in agreement with the Commission and indicate in their national reform programs how they intend to achieve them.

2012/27 / EU Directive  establishes the fundamental role of energy efficiency to increase the competitiveness of companies.

Energy efficiency is one of the priority objectives of the European Union for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Switching to a more energy-efficient economy accelerates the deployment of innovative technological solutions and improves the industrial competitiveness of the Union.

Supply optimization

The acquisition of a constant consumption data flow allows the composition of an hourly electric profile.

An hourly electric profile enables the negotiation of new supply contract conditions, including the price of the energy component, for a tailor-made offer.


 Energy Profiling