The energy “product” is the same for everyone, regardless of who provide and who receive, but its cost can vary substantially, depending on the performance of the energy markets and the contract supply conditions stipulated.

Energy today is perceived as a tax or burden to be paid to the supplier, establishing a passive attitude due to the impossibility of acting on costs.

Areas of intervention
  • Energy supply contracting
  • Energy consumption profiling
  • Energy invoicing
  • Decision support.

Provide decision support to the customer for the selection of the best supply of gas and / or electricity at optimal conditions compared to the current ones.


It starts with a detailed examination of the supply contract in place, then proceed with an analysis of current prices and market opportunities, to conclude with the identification of the best supply offers.

The analysis considers a series of contractual and price parameters, relating them to the customer’s consumption model, to optimize the costs of supply compared to market conditions.


The detailed analysis of the current supply identifies and analyzes a series of critical issues related to the customer’s actual consumption needs.

The result of this analysis generates a specific performance matrix, with appropriate evaluation weights, which allow the comparison of the various proposals in order to find the optimal solution for energy supply.

  • Review of current supply contracts:
    • rates
    • deadlines
    • withdrawal methods
    • renewal methods.
  • Detection of consumption profile
  • Offers analysis and comparison, negotiation with suppliers, selection of best offers
  • Analysis document
  • Support for the final decision of the customer.


Required documentation
  • Supply contract in force
  • Bills related to the current supply
  • Summary of previous year’s consumption (12 months) divided by bands (or corresponding bills).
  • Awareness of your consumption profile and monthly billing
  • Constant monitoring of the market
  • Identification of the best conditions for contract renewal
  • The communication to the supplier of a precise consumption profile can lead to a reduction in the Energy Price (EP) component up to 2 € / MWh.

 Energy Professional Assessment